Plans for This Year in 2016

Goals pic

Each one of us at least have a goal or two for the year. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes not. We are looking towards 2016 and it’s coming up in a few more days. I’m excited and somewhat scared at the same time. For one thing, what I’m not looking forward to is not being able to know what’s ahead to where I would know what to do when the time comes. I’m sure we all have a goal or two and depending on how much you’re willing to work on it, the goal may or may not work out for the year.

I’m going to state that I just got signed up with two agencies to do promotional work throughout 2016. One is for a nutritional product for folks that are on a vegan diet. The other is a cell phone company which me and my family use ever since a few years ago. So far, we mostly love it. Once in a while, the service suck. Other than that, it’s great.

Another one is that I’m waiting to hear back on whether I’ll get hired for a certain position or not. It’s part time and done in a certain area. Unfortunately, it’s 10 hours a week but a great way for me to check out the area more than what I’m doing now. I don’t go there all the time which I’m fine with it. I could go there and catch up with an old classmate of mine which I will see her when the time comes. It depends on when we could meet up but have to schedule on when so we can make it into a reality.

I’m also going to utilize the internet more in order to earn more income besides just doing promo and maybe the marketing assistant position. I’ll let you know if I got that third one or not. Fortunately, I have lots of experience using a certain social media site which definitely helped me a lot. I’m definitely interested in doing social media kind of work. I’m always fascinated and love social media. For now, I can’t be on too many of them. Sooner or later, that’ll change. I hope. I just have to give it time. Until then, I’ll wait and work on what I can do to help myself.

I haven’t mapped everything out. I was planning to get into the delivery route but I don’t know. I can’t use the current vehicle for it since all of the wear and tear already exist. Once I have a better vehicle, I might consider it. For now, that’s in the back burner.

I am definitely going to continue to exercise. I haven’t always been into fitness. Unfortunately, I had a now ex friend that influenced me to hate it. I hate sweating but we all need to in order to feel better. I don’t mean having a sweater and sweat in it all day while sitting on your butt. That doesn’t count. ha ha ha You have to move such as jumping up and down like jumping jacks, lunges, squats and all of that stuff. Each time I do them, I feel better and I know that I’m making my body stronger. The longer I do it, the better I feel about myself.

Since I share mine, what are your goals for the year? If you haven’t come up with it, do you need some ideas on how to motivate yourself to continue on even after you had an idea of what it is? Leave a comment or two or whatever you feel like doing. Talk to you soon.

Zoombucks Is One of My New Favorite Sites for Extra Income


I actually started joining Zoombucks some time last week and so far, I enjoyed it. This is a whole new month and working on trying to outbeat last month’s record. However, on this particular site due to a few ladies suggesting to join the VIP group, I chose the $9.99 a month deal. You get your payments faster compare to the free option and this is the most popular option which was posted up on the site. The Bronze deal is good enough as it is in my case. If you chose to go nuts on the site, the higher options might be even better for you. I have other sites to work on besides just this one. This is one extra site that I use to earn extra income.

You earn points for doing things on the site such as surveys, watching videos, doing offers, listen to RadioLoyalty and so forth. Basically, it’s like Inboxdollars, Sendearnings and various other sites that are similar to this one. When it comes to prizes and money, you have different options to choose from such as getting the $5 cash through Paypal, gift cards, and so forth. The only way to find out what else they have on the site is to sign up on the link which is right under this sentence. Or just click on the highlighted and underlined link within the last sentence.

If you join under me, I will be able to invite you to a group that I’m in which the people are full of advice on how to make at least $5 a day only by doing this site. If you’re on Facebook, let me know so I can get you into the group. I’m only doing this for the people whom I’m friends with and the people whom I rely on as well as people signing up under me. It’s a small token of my appreciation on learning how to make even more money with this group but I highly recommend to not just do the sites mentioned from the group. Making $150 a month just from this site isn’t a bad deal especially if you can buy food with the money coming from the site.🙂 Once again, join with me if you haven’t sign up yet just by clicking on the link. It would take you directly to the sign up page just to get started. Give this site a chance and you’ll see that it’s worth it. If not, tell me why you beg to differ. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Talk to you soon and hope to speak with you once again.


This Month, I Made Over $2,000


I have a confession everyone. It’s not due to my online effort that’s responsible for this wonderful opportunity that happened earlier this month. It was due to two checks from a promo agency which gave me more than $2,000 for this month and I am grateful for it. Only a few select group of people know where I got it from because they’re my friends and are the ones whom I trust the most.

The $2k came from a promo gig that I did back in June and July as of this year. Not only did I get a nice surprise but it’s enough to make it where I can start saving for a vehicle of my own to have so I wouldn’t have to rely on a current vehicle that I’m using to go do promo.

If you want to earn this much money per month or so, combine doing promo and online gigs. Not only will you get more money but the satisfaction of knowing that it was YOU that made it happen. Now that I got your attention, I want you to know that this didn’t happen overnight. It took me over a year to finally get something like this to happen to me. I applied and when booked, I actually do the job. Working as a Promotional Worker isn’t for everyone. Only do it IF you are friendly (most people are), don’t mind standing up for most of the time when on your shift (it ranges from an hour to 14 hours a day but with some breaks for long shifts), are able to listen to people and answer their questions when asked and also love to socialize with all sorts of people that are doing this face to face.

Work hard and soon enough, you’ll get there. It takes time and when you are very productive, that’s when better opportunities come along and more good things will happen. Do not deceive people and people will pay you back tenfold.

Until then, talk to all of you soon.


BlogJob Pays Us to Blog, Comment and Like Other People’s Status

 blogjob logo

This site is less than 6 months old from this moment on. The owners decided to create this site because they wanted to provide a way for people to make money while also making a connection on the site. The owners are nice, respectable and are willing to answer any questions that you may have about the site. However, there is the point system which would determine how much money you get due to the amount that you have. There are lots of gift cards but if you want to get paid in cash, there is Paypal, Venmo and Coinbase. Here’s what it said what you get if you use Paypal and Venmo as your payment option. The Coinbase feature starts off at 2,000 points though. If you get 5,000 points, you get $25. 7,500 points get you $75 while 10,000 points will earn you $100. As of now, I am aiming for the $100 deal.

I actually started joining it back in either late May or June 1st which I know I should have let you all know about this but forgot to. I now have over 1900 points total. I see a lot of potential the longer I do the site and interact with all sorts of people. I actually got some people interested in doing this site which means they would get even more money heading their way. A bonus if they like to blog.😉 I personally love to blog about things which my official blog (I am talking about this site) show that it’s true. 

If you’re interested in seeing what this BlogJob is all about, head on over to Blogjob to find out.

Please leave a message of what you think. Do you like it? What do you do on the site right after you signed up? Will it be your main site to use to earn income or will you still use the other sites that helped you make some money? Come on people!! Leave me some comments, suggestions and even tips. I appreciate what all of you are saying on here. And i reply back. 

My New Rewards 500 Opportunity

Rewards Logo

I just signed up earlier today and I am so glad I did. I signed up under a lady whom I just talk to on Facebook which both of us belong in a group. Because of her, I found this neat site to test out the waters with and hope it works.

I did two offers in order to get approved of at least 1.00 credit. Otherwise, it would take longer to have your own link or to not make money at all. I only did two offers which equal to or are more than that. There’s a lot of offers to sign up which fits into the trial or free categories. The free ones without any extra charges (which include monthly fee after the free one is over) doesn’t charge you and is a one time fee. I chose the Pimsleur and Numi offers. Numi is free for a week and Pimsleur can be cancelled within a month after signing up to not get future items from them. There are different languages to choose from which makes it worth paying only about $10. On top of that, I get free shipping. With so many offers to choose from, it shouldn’t take too long to reach the 1.00 credit.

Before you can see the offers, you can choose the payment methods. There’s Paypal, check or a custom order. I chose the Paypal method since I love getting fast cash into my accounts.

In order to get paid, check out Rewards 500. For each new members that sign up under you, you get $70. For 10 people right under you, that’s $700. That’s more than enough to help you save that towards onto something that’s long or a short term goal.

Sign up at Rewards 500 to not miss out on all the fun.

Talk to you soon.


PS Please give me your comments, suggestions or ideas. What do you all think of this opportunity?

Items I Suggest to Have as a Brand Ambassador (Promotional model)

ImageOrganization seem to matter in any type of fields that you’re doing for work such as whether you’re working for someone else or earning a living by being your own boss. As a promotional worker, it’s important to keep organization in mind because it would make life so much more easier before next year, 2015, comes around when it comes to tax time. The picture of binders is one of the items I suggest having because it comes in handy. There is another option to take by doing this on a whole other level. Now, here is a list of “Items I Suggest to Have as a Brand Ambassador.”

  1. Binders= When I started out, I was using binders. It would hold copies of papers stating what events and gigs I got booked doing what products, services or both for which companies along with the attachments that came along with it in the email. I kept the important papers but threw away the extra ones that weren’t necessary to have. Now, my two binders hold infos of some contracts and so forth.
  2. Planner (weekly and monthly planner in one book)= Planners comes in handy and I am glad I invest in one. If you didn’t purchase one, it’s time to get it. I personally wrote down what gig, where I have to be at, the time of the event, hourly pay rate and a bare minimum of how much I made for each gig for each day. For example, if I got booked to do two gigs, which is rare, I wrote both of them down. Not only does it make it easier for me when I need to track how many miles I traveled for work but to see how much the companies owe me. Sometimes, they make mistakes and you can’t trust nor rely on them to keep careful track of it. I had learned my lesson about this. Trust me when I say these are cheap and worth it. Plus, you can deduct this from your tax deduction as each year you use one for work purposes as an independent contractor.
  3. File box or a cabinet or both= I currently use a file box to store this year’s paperwork so that it would be less messier than last year. The binder worked for up to a certain point but the file box and cabinets are much more efficient to use for paperwork and whenever you print work stuff out.
  4. Camscanner= It’s a free app that one of the promo workers I know who suggested this. It’s an app that scans and copies sensitive paperwork right on your phone without using a fax machine. After I scan it, I would email it to myself in order to attach it and send it to whoever needed it. In a lot of cases, it comes in handy. Sometimes, your regular cell phone camera feature may work which seems to be the case just recently for me.
  5. Notebook with pen, a finance software or both= For some reason, I don’t like the finance software. I prefer the pen and paper method despite my advanced knowledge on using a computer. I guess I’d rather have it in front of me when I needed to write things down instead of hopping on my laptop and type things in. Because everyone is different when it comes to doing math, it’s why I am giving everyone the option to think about of what works best for you. If you want to use a finance software, check out QuickBooks, Quicken, H&R Block or even Peachtree if you own a Mac.
  6. Laptop, computer, or both= You’re going to need it if you want to get booked doing promotions. Maybe at first, you can get away with using the local library’s computer or laptop but it won’t work in the long run. Or, using a local agency that caters to your searching for job purposes like the one in my area called WorkSource. They provide free printers, fax machines, and computers. It can only be used for job search purposes though. When you have the money, buy a cheap laptop just to start it off and then later on buy a computer or an even better laptop.
  7. Printer with ink cartriges (black and/or colors)= However you start with getting into doing promos, it’s important to also consider this option. If you can’t afford to get one or borrow it from the people you know, your next option is to do what I suggest under “Laptop, computer or both” topic. In the meantime, use the free resources that are all around you. Your local library is another place to use their free computer and printer option.
  8. Printing Papers= Obvious reasons why I mention it especially if you have your own printer. If this doesn’t apply to you, skip this one.
  9. Cell phone with Smartphone and camera capabilities/iPhones= I cannot say this enough but you need a smartphone or an iPhone. I personally prefer the Android smartphone option because I can keep track of some sites that had to do with connecting on Facebook for socializing with the folks I know for work or finding promo gigs to try to get booked. You will need a camera option because in a lot of cases, you do need pictures to show proof that you were at work doing what you’re supposed to do. Without it, you won’t get but sometimes, you might not need it.
  10. Digital Camera (optional)= Once in a great while, I would get assignments stating that I needed it since my cell phone cam just won’t do. In their personal opinion, the picture quality is not up to par. This is optional but you can use this as a tax deduction if you even only used it once for promo work.
  11. Clothes required as uniforms for work day= If you don’t have a certain piece of clothing required for certain events, you can purchase the item and keep the receipt for a tax deduction. You can’t take advantage of it is if you already own the piece.

There you go folks. It’s my list of “Items I Suggest to Have as a Brand Ambassador (Promotional Model). Most of the items on this list is necessary but try to make do if there are some free resources within your area. The further you stretch your money more, the faster you can save up to slowly buy all or most of the items on here.

If you have some comments, questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave anything on this posting. I am open to educating and learning things from other folks that either do or don’t have much experiences with the promo industry and/or working online.

Until then, stay out of trouble and work on your goals.



Survey Sites That Compensate Even If You Don’t Qualify to Finish the Surveys

questionnaire and computer mouse

When it comes to doing surveys, I have two choices to make. Either do the ones that waste my time and not compensate me or just go elsewhere that do pay me no matter what. Well, here’s a solution to it. I avoid the ones that don’t give me anything like points or whatnot and just work on a regular with the sites that do compensate. I see that my time is valuable and if they do value me, they wouldn’t mind giving me something in return for filling their surveys out. Here’s a list that I know which will compensate you so you won’t feel like “It’s a waste of time.” Now on to “Survey Sites That Compensate Even If You Don’t Qualify to Finish the Surveys.”

  1. MintVine So far, I’ve gotten paid two times through Paypal. You have to make at least $10 to cashout through Paypal. They state how much you’ll get for points if you qualify. If you don’t, you only get 5 points each. Besides just doing surveys, you get an extra incentive for each time you do the polls. I suggest doing them for an added bonus of 5 extra points on top of the surveys that you do. You’ll get your money even faster that way. If you’re interested in signing up, the link is at I’d appreciate it if you give me credit for referring you to it. For 1000 points, that equals to $10.
  2. MyView I don’t get on here very much but when do, I try to at least do some like I did last night. You earn points instead of having it in cash. For signing up, click on this link. It’ll take you directly to the site and make immediate points for doing your first survey. For now, they do not pay cash but you can choose whatever places listed for gift cards. Another way to save money using it.
  3. PaidViewPoint It depends on whom you’re asking but some people, like myself, will still do this since every penny counts to add to my income. Other people may “beg to differ but I honestly think you should give it a try. In my case, usually, I get 10 cents. Once in a while, it would be more than that. You get to cashout once you reach $15. To reach the cashout amount much faster, refer people to it. The link to sign up at is
  4. Memolink I just found this out sometime last night since I wasn’t on here that often. I just went back to it for a couple of things. I was surprised to see that after I found out I didn’t qualify for some of the surveys, I get 10 points each. I am reaching for the cash option since gift cards are available on most of the sites that I’m on but strapped for cash. The cash options are stated on their site.

1) Select the amount you would      like to receive

$25 – 40,000 points

$50 – 80,000 points

$100 – 160,000 points

$250 – 400,000 points

The point is that there are many options you can take for doing this site. Your choice to either get the gift cards or the cash option. If interested in signing up, the link is at I’m inviting you to give this a try.


  1. Panel App This is not a survey site that can be done on a website but is an app where you get paid to do surveys. What I like about this one is that I get them often which helps. You get to cashout once you get $5. You can either choose the Amazon gift card or cash sent to your Paypal. If you own a smartphone, I highly recommend getting this one.
  2. YourWord At one time or another, I read it used to give cash as another option for a prize. Well, not anymore which somewhat makes me mad. You get to choose one of their many selections of gift cards available within the site. So far, I only got paid once with the Amazon $5 deal. If you’re interested, sign up at You earn 25 cents each time you complete each one whether you qualify for the surveys or not. It’s a win win situation.
  3. Harris Poll Good news for teenagers because they allow at least 13 to participate which is a nice way for teens to earn something. There are all sorts of prizes to aim for as the goal to get.
  4. JD Power Panel That link is the direct site to sign up on and unfortunately, there’s no referral program. I noticed that whenever I don’t qualify for certain surveys, I get 10 cents added to it which is good. They also seem to value us so you might as well take advantage of it.
  5. Tellwut You earn points to redeem them for a gift card. So far, I only see the cash option given to Canadians but in a Visa gift card for $25. If you like doing very fast surveys where you earn either 5 or 10 points, sign up at
  6. Epoll In order to do their surveys, once again, teens can get something out of it. The surveys are short and the bare minimum to redeem is $5 either for Paypal or some other gift cards available within the site. If you would like to get paid for doing surveys, yet are easy to do as well, sign up at I don’t know much about the site since it’s been a while that I did their surveys.
  7. Pinecone Research Years ago, I was one of their survey takers and it was $5 each. At the time, the surveys were long to do online and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re that way too. These days, you earn only $3 each. For some people, they get more or less of the survey invites. On top of that, get free products to test out and earn additional income to provide input on what they received in the mail. The only way to sign up with them is to search for their banners on sites where you get invited to join. Otherwise, there’s no way to get around this option of joining in as a survey taker.
  8. MyHotSpex I haven’t been doing their surveys for quite a while now and just came upon their site again. I saw that they give you 100 Bux if you refer others to their site. There are different prizes to choose from if you can reach the minimum goal stated on there. I am aiming for the cash option because I can never get sick and tired of getting money.🙂 If you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal, sign up at The only way to get invited is if someone email you the invite directly from the site. No referral link shown on the site so this is the next best thing.
  9. YouGov If you’re very passionate about politicians and all the shinanigans surrounded by it, you might be surprised and happy to do this. A lot, or all of the surveys had something to do with it. I did some and earn points doing it. Sign up at for additional prizes to take home with you.
  10. ZoomPanel I haven’t been doing their surveys that often either which I am so far away from getting the Amazon $25 gift card. If you would like to do this site where the surveys aren’t way too long, sign up at
  11. MyPoints Another site that won’t show my direct link and the only way to get paid for referring others is to email people directly from the site. If you like earning survey points along with other stuff that the site offer to earn additional points, the link is at
  12. VIPVoice I somewhat like this site because you have many options to earn income just by doing surveys and referring people to it. Since they didn’t show my own referral link and the only way to get referrals is to type up the people’s email addresses on it which I am against that idea since I hate to do a surprise on the people that trust me. If you’re still interested, sign up at
  13. Product Report Card I was surprised to see that they do compensate you even if you don’t qualify to do the whole surveys. You also can get paid writing product reviews which is only 50 cents each and I only did one. Somehow, it got approved. Unfortunately, those are the only two ways to earn income off of this site but if you love to write reviews, you can sign up at
  14. Pollbuzzer  My direct link to sign up is at The surveys are very quick and is a multiple choice here. Instead of taking forever, you earn only a buck just by clicking on one of the links from the questions that they send you to your email. Unfortunately, this year, I didn’t get any. Last year, I got some but not as much as some other people I read that still get surveys from them. You have to be quick or you’ll miss out on earning more income. You get a dollar each for surveys you filled out and it get sent to your Paypal account.


I read from another site that MySurvey also compensate you even if you don’t qualify to do the whole survey. As far as I know, MySurvey is a good site if you have the time to do the surveys. To sign up you can go to Since they don’t show my direct link to refer people to, I might as well refer you to the site.

Now that you know, now it’s time to make yourself some money online. Instead of sitting there and reading what I’m saying, go do it now. You’ll thank me later for it.😉